Wildwood Tuition and Childcare  
Placing Attachment First
A Social Enterprise and Alternative Nursery & Primary Education Provider  Est. 2016.
Teaching since 1991 in UK schools.


Registered to take:pupil premium, think 2 funding, 'free childcare' vouchers for 3 to 4 year olds,
 tax-free childcare vouchers   


Wildwood Childcare: nursery / pre school

Wildwood Childcare: nursery / pre school

I am an MA student researching Education Development at Birmingham City University.  As an experienced teacher (& Ofsted registered childminder) I work privately with much smaller ratios than a nursery or pre-school.  This means that care and education plans are focused on the individual using up to date research delivered by government advisors in education.  

Time is taken to carefully settle your child.  This is done in a variety of ways.  Both parents / carers and the child have the opportunity to have short visits here to enable yourselves to feel comfortable.  Also, I visit the child in their own home so that the child knows I'm not a stranger.  This also means I can identify some routines or patterns that I can copy from your home to mine to allow some familiarity.  For example, having photographs of the child's immediate carer here and a collection of photographs of the child through different ages of development, aids a feeling of history and attachment from the beginning.  Other ways that the settling in process is achieved is through the play sessions at Families First (discussed below) or at my shopper's crèche which allows a parent to drop a child off for just a couple of hours.

At Wildwood Childcare, cosy environments are created where children can enjoy learning through play and exploration. Wildwood Childcare has close proximity to an allotment, wood and playground.  Activities are designed around free flow play and nature. Tailor-made childcare and education exists here because of my small staff-to-child ratio. 

My permanent free-flow play philosophy promotes exploration and independent learning.  Mark making opportunities are provided continuously.

On Wednesdays, come and meet us at Families First: making friends from children around the world and enjoying culturally inspired artwork

Wildwood Childcare has a commitment to equal opportunities, inclusion and British values, for example, no matter how young, each child has an opportunity to select a picture of a nursery rhyme (their vote).  When the child chooses we all sing the rhyme (well children are egocentric after all!) 

At Wildwood Childcare your pre-school child will also be able to participate a huge array of exploratory, guided (joined) and independent learning opportunities:

Mark making activities are available at all times as well as additional, guided, fine motor activities such as clockwork toys, threading and activities exploring other media (as shown below).  I have a large array of activities in my resource list.  In fact, so much that the inspector wished I had only got out a baby walker!  

The areas sufficiency data target is speech development.  Activities are planned with this in mind.  Beth Morrant, an experienced speech therapist, contributes to this planning. 

Safeguarding: experienced staff with Ofsted complaint paediatric first aid certificates and full risk assessments mean that children can be taught to do activities such as toasting marshmallows safely.  This raises each child's self-esteem and helps them to make sensible choices.

  • Adventure Play (gross motor / physical)
  • Allotment Tots
  • Board/Individual Games
  • Cookery
  • Crafty Kids
  • Exploratory Tots
  • Forest Play
  • Free Flow Play
  • Healthy Kid Time
  • Multi sensory story telling
  • dressing up  
  • Woodwork and carpentry 
  • Baby college coming soon!
  • Chickens coming soon!

  • Messy Play
  • Music Time
  • Number Tots
  • Painting
  • Phonics Play incorporating weaning
  • Piano Lessons
  • Reading scheme
  • Technology Toys
  • Writing Skills
  • Candy floss making / chocolate fountain
  • horse riding
  • online learning
  • online assessment package that parents can feed into
  • Muzzy language builder
  • Makaton
  • Montessori equipment to encourage independence
  • mutli-sensory room
  • sleep coracle with white noise
  • first aid skills
  • safety skills (safeguarding activities)
  • TEFL available for refugees free of charge

Wildwood Tuition and Childcare in Stafford

Our activities are inspired by nature, baby-led weaning, sensory play and Twinkl and planned in accordance with EYFS, early years outcomes and foundation stage profiles

Be assured that your kids will be in safe, understanding, capable hands.  

Wildwood Childcare: nursery / pre school

Wildwood Childcare documents:
Safeguarding the local community here, here, here, here
Co-Vid risk Assessment here
Co-Vid guidance here
An enabling environment using ideas of Reggio Emellio and Montessori underlie what we do but I have created a loose timetable to show guided activity opportunities within that framework shown here
Safeguarding and Protection Guidance review date September 2022
Petitioning to regain paediatric A and E 2020
sign petition here
Accident and Emergency Policy review date Sept 2022
Accident and Emergency records are GDPR compliant with assurance from childcare.co.uk and baby days
Link to baby days' outstanding package here
Attendance Register is GDPR compliant with the assistance of childcare.co.uk and baby days
Staffordshire County Council attendance policy here
Behaviour Management policy review date Sept 2022
British Values Policy review date Sept 2022
(Anti-)Bullying Policy review date Sept 2022
Complaints Policy review date Sept 2022
Confidentiality policy review date Sept 2022
Existing Injury Record review date Sept 2020
Fire Safety policy review date Sept 2022
Health & Safety policy review date Sept 2022
Food safety information review date Sept 2020
I have a degree in Applied Human Nutrition (Combined Studies).  This means I have a deep understanding of food safety regulations, microbiology, HACCP and catering. 
I have notified Stafford Borough Council Environmental Health dept. of my provision
Key person policy review date Sept 2022
Medication & sickness policy review date Sept 2022
Medication consent record review date Sept 2022
All planning is subject to change due to:
 evaluation, parental feedback or observation / assessment information
Planning philosophy review date Sept 2022
active learning questions review date Sept 2020
All planning incorporates specific area information from your own area to ensure it meets your areas targets as well as the individual needs of each parent and child
Resource list review date Sept 2022
Library Review date Sept 2022
Progress checks review date Sept 2022
Missing children policy review date Sept 2022
Non-collection of children policy review date Sept 2022
Parent & carer partnership policy review date Sept 2022
(With specific reference to section 3 safeguarding and welfare requirements)
Reporting FGM information checked for update Jan 2021
Working together to safeguard children  checked for update Jan 2021
Keeping Children Safe in Education checked for update Jan 2021
Information sharing checked for update Jan 2021
Prevent Duty checked for update Jan 2021
SEN & disability policy review date Sept 2020
Childminder policy pack and permission slips review date Sept 2020
printed out for parents to sign
Wildwood Childcare Welcome Pack review date Sept 2020
Wildwood Childcare resource list Review date Sept 2022
review date Sept 2020 printed out for parents to sign
Wildwood Childcare long-term planning review date Sept 2020
To be clear, because my provision is based on   free-flow exploratory play.
The planning listed below provides a guide of opportunities that will be available. 
They are changed at the child's request.  Each child's daily diary shows a more specific 'plan' of the days events. 
I call this mechanism 'backwards planning' and it is tailored to each individual child.

to be clear, all of our free-flow play is exploratory by nature. 
Guided activities are chosen by the child
Parental Feedback form review date Sept 2020
Observation schedules review date Sept 2020
Assessment documents review date Sept 2020
Household risk assessments are reviewed regularly and are placed next to door
Next review Jan 2022
Medicines are kept in a locked cabinet at the bottom of the stairs, out of reach of children
Household cleaning products are kept in a locked cupboard in the utility area
permission slips review date Jan 2022
EYFS Individual development plan review date Sept 2020
EYFS termly report proforma review date Sept 2020
Self-evaluation form review date Sept 2020
GDPR compliance with assistance from childcare.co.uk and baby's days
Data Protection policy here review date Sept 2020
Invoice record here
Policy Review Schedule here
Inspection report available here
Wildwood Childcare payment policy and holiday dates here

Delighted to support Stafford Borough Council's litter campaign by incorporating recycling into all of our areas of play and development 
We must always remember to look after our environment...  

Wildwood Childcare: nursery / pre school
Diversity has been celebrated weekly at Families First from January 2017
(the site of my former nursery school and a children centre I relied on heavily when my children were small - it is great to get a chance to put something back into our community). 
Here, people from all over the world regularly meet to create seasonal multi-faith & multi-tradition themed artwork from around the world alongside free-flow play and musical activities covering each area of play.
We regularly meet from interesting people from places such as: Syria, China, New Zealand, Africa, India, Italy, Russia, Poland, Australia, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Peru to name but a few. 
In a completely safe environment
Wildwood Tuition and Childcare in Stafford Mayor

Diversity is also celebrated through Stafford's Friends of Faith Community.

Here, Cllr Louise Nixon, director of Wildwood Childcare Ltd. and Vice Chair of Stafford & District Friends of Faith is pictured, with Mayor and Mayoress of Stafford Borough Cllrs Ray and Jenny Barron.

"For though my faith is not yours and your faith is not mine, if we are each free to light our own flame, together we can banish some of the darkness of the world"" 

source: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Wildwood Tuition and Childcare

Magic happens when our families join for special celebrations xxx

At Wildwood Childcare independence is promoted both at home and Families First ready for school